When you open the RECBC Forms App for the first time, you will see a video and a series of tips to help you use the RECBC Forms App and then you can access the RECBC Forms App settings for initial set up.


Navigating the RECBC Forms App

The home screen provides easy access to the Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services and Disclosure of Risks to Unrepresented Parties forms you will fill out with the consumer.

It also provides you access to Settings, Recently Saved Forms and Help.

Initial Setup in Settings

In Settings, you can enter information about yourself and your brokerage, so that these fields in the disclosures are pre-filled.

This will save you time when using this RECBC Forms App with a consumer.


Licensee Information

  1. If you are a personal real estate corporation, enter that full name in the Name field.
  2. The email addresses entered are where the completed forms will be sent.

Brokerage Information

  1. Enter the full name of your brokerage.
  2. The email addresses entered for your brokerage are where the completed forms will be sent. Make sure that your managing broker is aware, and that the brokerage has business processes in place to receive disclosures sent by email.
  3. If you have team members, enter their names separated by commas.

You can preview the email that will be sent to you, your brokerage and the consumer with each filled out form. It is the same email to all parties, and the text cannot be edited.

Once you have saved this information you will be able to start using the RECBC Forms App.

You can access Settings at any time from the home screen.


Using the RECBC Forms App with the Consumer

It is your responsibility to guide the consumer through the RECBC Forms App.

It is important that you give the consumer the time and attention to consider the information and answer their questions.

All fields are optional for the consumer, including their signature. Up to two consumers can sign one form.

For more information on the specific forms, please visit:


Emailing Forms to Consumers

If the consumer would like to receive a copy of the disclosure, they can enter their email address and a copy will be sent to them.

The RECBC Forms App records the date and time the disclosure was signed, and this information is included in the email. All information you enter, including text in the Notes field, will be shared with the consumer if they choose to receive a copy of the filled form.

The consumer’s email address is not recorded on the form and is not available through this RECBC Forms App for any purpose other than the transmission of the disclosure form.

In order to protect the consumers’ privacy, email addresses cannot be used for any other purpose than sending or re-sending the form.


Emailing and Saving Filled Out Forms

The RECBC Forms App works with or without an internet connection.

  • If your device is connected to the internet, an email is automatically sent with the form attached as soon as you complete the disclosure.
  • If your device is not connected, filled out forms will be held in Recently Saved Forms until your device is connected.

Your brokerage must save a copy of all completed forms

Filled out forms are saved for 72 hours in Recently Saved Forms after which they are deleted and cannot be recovered.

If the consumer or the brokerage does not receive the email with the filled out form, you can resend it within 72 hours to the email addresses provided in the form.


Where to Find More Information

Make sure you are familiar with the RECBC Forms App and how to use it.

You may wish to practice filling out forms both as a licensee and consumer. Make sure you notify your brokerage if you send a signed form that you have used for practice.

You can find Help by selecting the Help icon in the RECBC Forms App on the Home screen.

The help includes tips, a how-to video and other resources including RECBC’s Licensee Knowledge Base and PDF versions of the forms.