June 18, 2018

Rules Now in Effect

The Superintendent of Real Estate's rules to enhance consumer protection in the real estate industry are now in effect. The rules ensure that consumers have better information to make informed decisions, and that real estate professionals act with undivided loyalty to serve their clients’ best interests. Find the information and tools you need to comply with the rules on the Licensee Knowledge Base.

We’re Listening to You: App Update

Since the release of the RECBC Forms App we have heard from a number of licensees with concerns about the wording of the automated email that consumers receive. We have listened to your feedback, and we’ve made changes. Here is the email that consumers will now receive after they complete a disclosure form using the app:

Information to Fully Inform and Protect Real Estate Consumers

You are receiving this email because a real estate professional has made a mandatory disclosure to you with important consumer information. You can find a copy of the disclosure form attached to this email.

If you have questions about any of the information in the disclosure form, contact the real estate professional or his or her managing broker for clarification.

You can find more information and resources on the website of the Real Estate Council of BC– a regulatory agency that protects your interests as a real estate consumer.

To support you to use the RECBC Forms App successfully, we’ve also added more information to our help site, including:

Answering Your Questions: Friends and Former Clients

We’ve added new questions and answers to our online FAQs. Learn more about working with former clients, and how to deal with friends and acquaintances interested in your listings by checking out the answers to these questions:

Q: Your former client wants to make an offer on your current listing. What should you do? Does the ban on dual agency mean you must stop working for your current client?

Q: Someone you know wants to make an offer on your seller client’s property. What should you do? Does the ban on dual agency mean that you must stop working for your current client?

Find the answers in FAQ on Current and Former Clients.

Translated Forms Now Available

Translated versions of the mandatory disclosure forms are now posted on the RECBC’s Forms page in: French, Persian, Punjabi and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. English versions of the mandatory Council forms are also available on RECBC’s Knowledge Base and on WEBForms®.