March 15, 2018

Reporting Misconduct

Today, as part of our ongoing commitment to protecting real estate consumers, we are pleased to announce the launch of an Anonymous Tipline. The Tipline gives real estate licensees and consumers who may be concerned about facing reprisals for speaking up, a safe, anonymous way to report suspected misconduct.

The Anonymous Tipline was publicly announced earlier today in a joint press release from the Real Estate Council and the Ministry of Finance. To submit a tip, you can either call our hotline (1.833.420.2400) or use our secure online tip form.

Establishing confidential reporting channels that make it easier for real estate licensees and members of the public to bring matters to RECBC’s attention was one of the recommendations made by the Independent Advisory Group. We’re committed to implementing the recommendations from the IAG, and to keeping real estate licensees informed about our progress.

You Can Contribute to Consumer Safety

As a licensed real estate professional, you play an important role in protecting the public. The Anonymous Tipline is just one of the tools that you can use when you believe that consumers are at risk.

You can also:

Ignoring potential misconduct when you observe it puts the public and the reputation of the real estate profession at risk.

For information about how to submit a tip, including Questions and Answers, and a Guide to Reporting, check out RECBC’s website.

While users of the tipline don’t need to leave their names, they do need to include enough information for RECBC to take action – otherwise, we can’t begin an investigation.

The information you submit will help us determine whether we should launch an investigation or take other compliance action. The more details you provide, the more you can help us evaluate your lead – and help keep BC real estate consumers safe.

Still have questions? Find out more info: